A Message To All Single Moms out There


I was given a chance to talk to one of my close friend who happens to be an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) in Singapore. Its been years i think since we last talked. Conversation runs jolly as i knew her as a happy person her entire life, nothings changed. She is the same person i knew then until now. We talked about her daughter and her job and my life was only into that conversation. She will be home this June of 2017 and invited me to her home. Dialogue went to a little bit about financial aspects.

“I temporarily stop spending for a home renovation, my daughter is 7 years old now. And i’m thinking about her future“. My Boss once said, i wonder why there’s a lot of Filipina nowadays as a single mom. I said probably that’s all your fault,  (which i realized a very stupid  response). I must say sorry my friend, i apologize.

This suddenly strikes my heart for i know that she is a single mother. And i said “i think this will be a good topic for an article”. I think i wanna write or i must say i should write something about being a single mom which i would never ever understand because i am a man.

Few hours passed by and i decided to open my blog site and write because i don’t wanna lose that message that would impact to all single moms not only in the Philippines but in the entire world. Her Boss might be true that there is a lot of single mom OFW.

The main reason for all of this is the SEPARATION which is the result of different factors like a death of a spouse, break-ups (which is probably because of poverty, misunderstanding,elicit relationships and so on) the hell there’s a lot of possible reason. But one thing is for sure. THIS IS PAINFUL TO EVERY WOMAN. I cant imagine how many times they cried, how many prayers they made to ask God to make the situation better.

First i think it is time that women should not be dependent with men when it comes to financial aspects, they should have their own means of income, men should always consider the emotions of every woman and imagine how difficult it is for their wife to bear all things for their children.

Second every woman should always be strong in facing situations like this, i know another friend raising her three daughters on her own because her husband died. And i always told her that she’s a very strong woman that she can face it all. She just said ” Joseph, i need to.” There is sadness in her voice but there is also acceptance, she stand to take all the responsibilities of being both a mother and a father. I can’t imagine how difficult it is.In this aspect i can say Female is a stronger gender than male.

Third, if you are in the right situation, you know what i mean find your man. Learn from the lessons of the past and create a beautiful life with someone worth spending your life with.

I wanna share this short sentence from the book of Matthew of the Bible when Jesus healed a woman who suffered from bleeding, well bleeding is not always a physical bleeding, there could be an emotional and psychological bleeding

Matthew 9:22

Jesus turned and saw her…..

Do you know that whatever reason it is that you are in that situation, Jesus Christ is turning His eyes on you. He always hear your prayers. He saw you in pain and His giving you the strength to overcome those unpleasant things that are happening to you. You are a woman of strength, courage, and hope, You are never defeated because of your hope in God.

I know that single moms are always after the welfare of their children. We should never ever blame them in their experiences, where in the world you can see a loving woman that is willing to sacrifice everything just to give a bright future for their children?, For them sacrifice is happiness, despite everything they are happy seeing their kids grow and that’s for sure.

In times i complain about stress, i complain that i am tired, i should see a single mom battling everything and enduring the hardships.

Follow my blog because i will post articles with different topics and lessons in life.Let me know if you have a suggestions.

If you know a single mom, comment their name below and make them feel that they are such inspiration to others



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