Summer 2017 Must Have!!!!

Temperature is rising and we can feel the heat of the sun. Some are now planning for a summer getaway since school year is about to end. People will go places and enjoy the bonding moment install for them for the whole season. In line with this hot and enjoyable time there are things that we need to consider in order for us to enjoy the summer to the fullest. This article aimed to give you an idea of the things that you need to have for this year. Let us go ahead and discuss it one by one.


oakley-performance-lifestyle-frogskins-urban-jungle-collectionjadeiridium-oo9245-26-54-17-sunglasses-7319-0618993-77e10a2e6125110307f36a000bc8b0aa-catalogWith bright lights on the way, it is always cool to wear sunglasses. Make it trendy! When wearing sunglasses it is always nice to be confident, it will boost your self esteem knowing that you can observe scenarios in a secretive way. Aside from confidence it is good to protect your eyes from dust, as roads are dry that causes the dust dispersal. Ranging from P99- P200 you could wear the best sunglasses to explore cities and tourist destinations.

venus-queen-womens-polka-dots-push-up-bra-vintage-sexy-plus-size-high-waist-summer-neoprene-bikini-set-swimsuit-swimwear-beachwear-7554-0095805-14c6df12bb5d7d40a3fccdd3f5087ebf-webp-catalog_233What could be the best thing to do during summer? We’ll in the Philippines we have 7,107 islands and you shouldn’t miss swimming. Go and wear swimsuits and show them what you got.They say,”if you have it then show it”

Cooler Box. 

coolerAs we know that this is very important for picnics and the like to keep your food fresh  or your beverage cold. Bigger box for bigger family!

Barbeque Grill.  

bbqWhen we talked about Beach, Grrrrrr i bet you will agree that eating is irresistible. And one of the favorite food? Barbeque. You need to have a grill and enjoy delicious barbeque with the whole family.

Sunblock Cream.

sunThe scorching heat of the sun could damage your skin. So it is always good to use sunblock creams to protect from UV Rays that can cause skin cancer. For those who are giving their all to achieve rosy white skin it is always recommended to use this kind of products

Summer Hat. 

Aside from being a fashion statement, a hat is also a protection to damaging heat of the sun. You should not stay under the sun for so long especially during noon. You could suffer from heat stroke so always think of your safety.

Electric Fan. 

fanIf you are planning to have a staycation, Definitely you need to have an electric fan at home. Most importantly in the evening. I cant live with out

Air Cooler.  

aircoolerIf you are aiming for a cooler temperature at home should  purchase a unit of this one. this is one of the fast rising home appliance favorite for several years especially in a tropical country like the Philippines

Air Conditioning Unit 

air-con The most wanted appliances every summer. As you can control the temperature at home. If you are the type of person who is not outgoing, just stay at home and enjoy watching movies. or any recreational activity that you can do.

There you have it, these are some of the most must have for 2017. Why purchase them in Lazada? You will enjoy the convenience of online shopping and they offer cash on delivery anywhere in the Philippines and in some part of South East Asia. For several items they also offer a 7 days money back guarantee if the item is defective. I have been a customer of Lazada for a Long time now and i am always satisfied with the service and products that i purchased

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Watch out for my next blog post as i will write the best picks for hot spring resorts in Pansol, Laguna.

Thank you and all the best!!



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