Who would want to suffer from financial difficulties? Of course no one! We all want an abundant life, where we can eat whatever we want to eat, and buy whatever we wanna buy. I came to a point where i don’t have food to eat and i don’t want that to ever happen again.

I’m gonna give some insights on how we could stay away in a financial turmoil

  1. Being a Brand Conscious! a lot of people are becoming this type and tend to buy branded apparel. I mean there’s nothing wrong as long as you have enough money after buying those stuff. If you think of buying a hundred dollar Tees. Think of the quantity that you can buy with that amount of money if you find cheaper but with a good quality, after all branded or not, they will both fade.
  2. Being a one day millionaire. Everybody works hard and here comes the payday that you waited for how many days then you will shop as if there is no tomorrow.  You may say. ” I wanna reward myself” there’s nothing wrong! but you gotta plan for that reward. I keep on telling my friend not to shop after payday. but to buy whatever you want 2-3 days before payday, and the reason is, even if you spend money. There is an incoming fund for you i a matter of 2-3 days
  3. Going to Malls for a SALE. If you think you are saving money, think again! a SALE is a marketing strategy, they will generate income from it and they know that there will come a lot of people in their establishment and its time for them to take advantage. The SALE is not really a SALE! You will not have a discount!. I prefer going to bizarre and place where they will give discounts and freebies, you need to do the price watch and compare!
  4. Purchasing on a convenient store. I sometimes here my friends complaining, i went to this store and i bought an expensive candy. It’s your choice! i buy candy on streets, exactly the same candy but a low price. I also do a store watch and observe who offers the cheapest!
  5. Neglecting Health. Lets face it, even if you have the highest paying job, and you are not taking good care of your health, you will end up in the hospital. I will not elaborate, you already know the good habits from not.
  6. Not Saving Money. Yes you are getting a good idea to cut expenses but you are not saving a portion of your income, so when difficult times arrived . You’re no where to go
  7. Frequent Loans. You know that loans accrue interest. Do not get a loan if its not necessary ! If you wanna buy something just save for it because you can buy them without the need to pay interest
  8. Spending more than you earn. Oh your salary is $5,000 a month and you spend $5,500 a month, so its useless.Live by your means. Better to be a typical employee and knows how to do right spending than earning a big amount of money and losing it.
  9. Laziness. Never in the history money rained from heaven. You need to work for it!

Ignoring Higher Income Opportunity. You know that you can earn more but you are ignoring it, imagine how many people praying for it, You better grab every opportunity to make your life better.

There you have it, If you think there is missing in this article, comment down below, and also follow my blog so you will be updated with all my articles.

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