Life of a Virtual Assistant

Being a Virtual Assistant is a good job alternative nowadays. The concept is like
you are working at home. Why is this a good alternative?

1. In the Philippines, we consume our time in roads and highways because of the
traffic.Your 8-5pm work routine is exactly 9 hours, you will head back and fort to
your workplace and home.Come to think of it, it’s more than half of your day that
was used in your job

2.You work at the comfort of your own home, No need to leave your loved ones

3.You will get a higher compensation compare to the minimum wage in the country

4. No age, gender, and educational discrimination. Even a high school graduate can
land a job as long as he is a technology literate

5.Your skills will be globally competitive because most of the clients are from
USA, UK, Canada, Australia and in any part of the world. You should be proud that
Filipino workers are their favorite. They believe in us so better to always put the
best foot forward

What are the things that you need to remember if you happen to pursue in this type
of career. First, you need to have a laptop or at least a desktop that can perform
basic office job. You also need to have an internet connection at home because
today’s world is in line with information technology. Clients would prefer a wired
connection with a specific internet speed that also have a back up connection, but
sometimes as long as you have the connection, that would be fine. In my case , i
communicate with clients through email or a chat using a skype.I do have clients
from California and London, its a must that you have a knowledge in microsoft word
and excel, if you are not that good with it there is a lot of way to practice, just
get the necessary information from Google or You Tube. Make sure that you have a
bank account that you can connect to some of international money transfer providers
like Paypal and Payoneer. In this way your client will easily send you, their
payments. I started to become a VA a year ago and this has been my bread and butter
that supports my school expenses everyday

How can you obtain this kind of job? Because of the modern technology, Theres a lot
of jobsite that you can apply for a job like Upwork and I find it easy to get a job through Just register and create an account for free and input all the necessary information like your background and work experiences. Send email applications to job posting on the website and make it noticeable for your future clients. Do whatever your clients want you to do, and always have the initiative to learn and study the tasks that were assigned to you. My Client from California is into a Real Estate business and i do the lead generation from their website through SEO or search engine optimization which i never heard of before. The other one from London is into an ecommerce business and let me search products from Amazon at Ali Express that he can sell to his online store.

Now the client may contact you through email and would set up an interview through skype or will just send a couple of questions for you to answer just like what happened to me. It would all depend with the way your client screen and shortlist applicants. And of course they will notify you if they like to get your service,
I noticed that there are VA’s from India as well but i believe we, as filipinos are better that them when it comes to work ethics and skills

If you  this article helpful, and had helped you. Send me a message or comment below, because i wanna hear success stories. and feel free to suggest a topic for my next article

Thanks for your time


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